In 1998 was company Cynk-Żar Sp.J. founded and in February 2011 the name was changed in CNP Centrum Nakładania Powłok Leszek Rak. The main objective of the company are services in the field of hot dip galvanizing of steel and iron, especially small elements and details such as: screws, nuts, washers, screws, railway, nails, screws, castings and cast iron fittings.

We offer galvanizing services for companies from our country and the products with our coatings are exported around the world. Since January 2009, the company has expanded its offer with the leading technology of the chemical coating of zinc / aluminum type Zintek, meets the highest requirements for corrosion resistance. They effectively replace the other coatings such as Geometr, Dacromet, Delta Protect, Delta ton 9000.

At the end of 2011, an excellent (zinc flake) coating of was implemented by the company Magni.



CNP Centrum Nakładania Powłok
Leszek Rak
ul. Partyzantów 21
42-300 Myszków

tel/fax: +48 34 / 313 - 52 - 11

e-mali: office@cnpmyszkow.pl
NIP: 577-000-86-78
REGON: 15064063


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